The Certified Self-Defense Instruction technical staff has been formally trained and demonstrates experience in Concealed Carry, Defensive Shooting Fundamentals, Range Safety Officer, Personal, Home and Office Defense, Licensed Security Guard Firearms Instruction and Conflict Avoidance, Intervention, De-Escalation and Resolution ( AID-R ) .  We pride ourselves in maintaining an esprit-de-corps, team effective attitude by training each client with care, consideration and the highest degree of professional skills and knowledge available. 


Our commitment to a Win/Win Philosophy, endeavors excellence in honesty, performance and attitude, towards producing effective results  for our clients.


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Our Team

David A. Erisman Sr.  Certified Self-Defense Instruction

Chief Instructor,  USCCA - TC ,  NRA - CI / RTBAV / CRSO,  AZDPS - Lic. SGFI,  SIG - Armorer, IMI Acade,y Promoter

After serving in the Navy aboard ship as an Information Technology Specialist (ITS), Dave became a member of an elite group, Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit (MIUW). Embracing this privilege and special disciplines, he developed an intense appreciation for team effectiveness, esprit de corps, and combat readiness training.

While developing a professional career as a Semiconductor Process Engineer and IT Systems Engineer, he served 23 years with a National Service Organization, the latter (9 yrs.) as a National Field Rep. and Club/District Officer Trainer. While serving on the Executive National Training Counsel (4 yrs.), he authored 2 Training Syllabus for Club and District Officer Training, speaking numerously at District and National Conventions. Later Dave would become owner/manager of a Training Franchise, facilitating as a Corporate Management Development Trainer. His company Applied Management Resources (AMR) was a franchisee of Leadership Management Inc. LLC.

He received his CCW in 1998 and enjoyed recreational shooting, but it wasn't until some years later, resulting from an incident at the Church he attends, they began to develop a Security Team which he continues to be a member today. With his past training experience, he began with a fervor to invest in upgrading and certifying himself with New Defensive skills, obtaining Training Certifications in multiple disciplines from several organizations.

That's when he founded CSI, Certified Self-Defense Instruction, teaching Firearms Safety, Concealed Carry and Home/Office Defense, later undertaking the mission to make a difference regarding Deadly Force Incidents, Situational Awareness and Defensive Personal Protection in Faith-Based Organizations. He is presently developing a Conflict Avoidance, Intervention, and De-Escalation ( AID-R ) course teaching the  Resolution and Defense of unavoidable violent encounters. Curtailing the growing domestic terrorist threat currently on the rise in our nati0n today.