NRA Refuse To Be A Victim:

Psychology of a Criminal, Situational Awareness, Cooper Color Codes,

Cyber Security, Travel Security, Home Security, Schools, Senior Citizens.

Training & Services

CONFLICT Resolution(AID-R )

  •      A voidance
  •      I ntervention
  •      D eEscalate
  •      R​ esolution

USCCA Instructor Training:  

United States Concealed Carry Association; Instructor-Led, Multi-Participation Instruction or One on One Private Instruction.

Affiliate Instructor with Toolkit:

245 .ppts, 14 Videos, (10) C.C. Mags, (10) CC & HD Manuals, Instructor Apparel.

Indoor and Outdoor Live Fire Exercises:

Fun Shoots - Private Party or Join Ins,  Qualifications and Coaching.

NRA Certified Courses:

Basic Pistol, Rifle, Personal Protection In The Home, Personal Protection Outside The Home, Refuse To Be A Victim, Range Safety Officer.

​DVD and eLearning Courses:

CCW, Basic Pistol, Rifle, Defensive Firearms, Range Safety and Etiquette,  Personal Defense,

 Situational Awareness, ​Home Defense including Safe Room Planning, Emergency 1st AID .

USCCA #1 Conceal Carry Magazine in the Nation (Subscription):

USCCA Personal and Home Defense:

Includes Personal Defense, Situational Awareness, Cooper Color Codes, The Bubble, Home Security, Safe Room Planning, Protection Devices.  

ForceIMI/Israeli Military Industry Academy - Active Shooter and Counter-Terrorism Prevention Training, Shooting Techniques and  Krav Maga

Church Security - Israeli Tactical Training for Houses of Worship. Prevention - A Seminar for Pastors, Leaders, Security Teams and Concerned Members.

USSCA Self Defense Shield Insurance (SDS);

Civil and Criminal Defense, Up to $2,225,000, Family Safety, Preservation and Peace of Mind,  Firearms Recovery.

Unrivaled Protection For You & Your Family: ( Silver, Gold, Platinum, Elite )

USCCA Women's Handgun and Defense Fundamentals

Complete Concealed Carry & Personal Protection Guide For Women:

Finally–Lifesaving Firearms Training Designed Specifically For Women, By Women…

Emergency FirstAid and Trauma Fundamentals: 

Become your family’s first responder by learning Emergency First Aid. From learning how to assess a patient’s condition, to proper treatment of chest and spinal injuries, broken bones, shock, serious bleeding, and more,