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Force IMI

Lifesaving Firearms Training Designed Specifically For Women, By Women…

Counter-Terrorism Prevention Training.

“As a woman, mother, and runner I am always busy and on the go. When I’m walking through the parking structure at night or running down a secluded trail I’m often thinking about schedules, emails, what to make for dinner, and so on. Thinking about my safety isn’t always first on my mind. I think sometimes we forget to stop and be in the moment. It is vitally important to stay alert, avoid potentially dangerous situations and have a self-defense plan.”

- Corrie F.

  • How To Choose Your 

          Concealed Carry Handgun

  • How To Safely & Discreetly 

          Carry Your Firearm

  • Situational Awareness: How

           To Not Look Like A Victim

​   Security Team Building   


             - A voidance

              -  I ntervention

              - D e-Escalation

              - R esolution

  • CCWP, Deadly Force Prevention, Security Guides, Manual, Drills , Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

 USCCA and NRA Certified Instruction

Chief Range Safety Officer

Israel’s ForceIMI/IMI Academy for Advanced Security & Anti-Terror Training is recognized as the world leader in research and development of the most sophisticated security methods.  Haim Geri, Cheif Instructor in the Academy, leads the seminars.

Israel’s reputation for security is legendary.  Israelis are dedicated to free religious practice and committed to preventing hostile actions toward its houses of worship.

Church Security - ForceIMI/IMI Academy

Israeli Tactical Training - For Houses Of Worship, (Prevention) - A Seminar for Pastors, Leaders, Security Teams, and Concerned  Members. 3.5 Hrs.

Training for Unarmed Church Security Greeters and Ushers. 8 Hrs.

Training for Armed Church Security Teams. 16 Hrs.

Conceal Carry Weapons Permit

  • Firearms Safety
  • Shooting Fundamentals
  • The Law and Deadly Force,

           Know when and when not

           too use your firearm.

  • Violent Encounters and the Aftermath
  • Dry Fire/Live Fire
  • Optional Finger Printing


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