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“As a woman, mother, and runner I am always busy and on the go. When I’m walking through the parking structure at night or running down a secluded trail I’m often thinking about schedules, emails, what to make for dinner, and so on. Thinking about my safety isn’t always first on my mind. I think sometimes we forget to stop and be in the moment. It is vitally important to stay alert, avoid potentially dangerous situations and have a self-defense plan.”

- Corrie F.

  • How To Choose Your 

          Concealed Carry Handgun

  • How To Safely & Discreetly 

          Carry Your Firearm

  • Situational Awareness: How 

          To Not Look Like A Victim


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​   Security Team Building   


             - A voidance

              -  I ntervention

              - D e-Escalation

              - R esolution

  • CCWP, Deadly Force Prevention, Security Guides, Manual, Drills , Defensive Shooting Fundamentals

 USCCA and NRA Certified Instruction

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